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Tree Removal in Bergen County, NJ

At Uncle Matty's Tree Service, we provide you with many different tree services in Bergen County, NJ that can improve the aesthetic appeal, healthiness and safety of your tree and your landscape. Our tree company in NJ guarantees same-day tree services of all types. These services included:

Tree Removal in Bergen County, NJ:

Our tree removal services in Bergen County allow you the opportunity to remove trees that are in the process of dying, are dead or are decaying. If you have tree branches are falling off or if your tree is uprooted, insect infested, storm damaged or drought damaged, Uncle Matty's will provide tree removal services to eliminate any chance of insect infestation or an overgrowth of weeds in your yard.

We also specialize in emergency tree removal in Bergen County, so when you have a dangerous, hazardous tree problem in Bergen County, call Uncle Matty's right away!

Tree Trimming / Pruning in Bergen County, NJ:

Another way to ensure that your landscape looks clean and healthy is with tree trimming and pruning in Bergen County. Our professionals will cut or shape your trees so that they can opportunity to continue to grow in a healthy manner. This is a great option for property owners when tree cutting or tree removal is not absolutely necessary.

Firewood Delivery in Bergen County, NJ:

We also offer firewood delivery service in Bergen County. Anytime Uncle Matty's provides tree removal from your property, we'll offer to cut it into firewood for you, so that you get maximum usage out of your tree. We also provide firewood delivery to homes throughout NJ of any type of wood and quantity.

Uncle Matty's also offers professional snow removal and snow plowing in Bergen County throughout the winter to remove any snow, slush and debris from your driveway, walkway or sidewalks 24 hours a day.

For more information on our tree removal in Bergen County and other tree services, contact Uncle Matty's tree service at 201-991-1904 today.


We provide Tree Services in the following towns of Bergen County, NJ

Tree Removal Bergen County | NJ Tree Service